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FALL 2023

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How to get started

1. Fill out the Potential New Member Application and Information Form

  • Want to receive more information on Recruitment Week? Fill out the form below and receive updates from our Senior Vice President, Daniel Hidalgo.

  • You can notify us about any conflicts you may have with our events.

  • Filling out this form also makes the check-in process during Recruitment much easier!

2. Stay plugged in!

  • Follow our Instagram @pepperdinedsp for more Recruitment content! We will be posting throughout the week.

  • Continue to check the Recruitment tab of our website (the one you're on right now!)

    • Make sure to go through each tab, as there are crucial pieces of information you don't want to miss!​

Recruitment Feedback

We would love to hear your thoughts and feedback about our Fall 2023 Recruitment. You may also fill out this form if you have general questions.

Absence Notification Form

Potential New Members are asked to submit an absence notification if they will be unable to attend any Recruitment Week events due to class or other necessary commitments. Please submit the Absence Notification at least 24 hours before the event time.

While it is expected and encouraged for Potential New Members to attend each Recruitment Week event, we understand that there are other obligations. This form is a way to let us know in advance your reason for missing an event.

For questions regarding attendance, reach out to Vice President of Chapter Operations, Angel Nguyen.

Message from our President


Dear Potential New Member,

Welcome to the Pepperdine University Delta Sigma Pi website! Thank you for your interest in joining the Pepperdine chapter of one of the largest business fraternities in the United States. As Pepperdine strives to strengthen students’ lives in the areas of purpose, service, and leadership, Delta Sigma Pi reinforces these efforts by creating an environment where students thrive off the ambition of fellow peers. Delta Sigma Pi is committed to the values of professionalism, brotherhood, and scholarship.

Since our chapter’s founding in Fall 2011, we have initiated over 300 brothers. I am incredibly thankful for each and every one of these talented individuals who bring different skills to our Deltasig community. Our chapter is committed to diversity, not only in terms of skill and thought, but in experience and background, as well. We pride ourselves in being the first international fraternity to accept women, and continue to pursue other ways we can promote and foster a diverse community.

When I came to Pepperdine, I was looking for a community that would not only support me socially, but also push me professionally and academically. I found that in Delta Sigma Pi. Since joining, I have been able to see myself grow in these facets, all the while enjoying the laughs and memories that my brothers and I have shared. I’m excited to be able to give back to a chapter that has given so much to me.

Fellow Deltasigs are excellent resources when it comes to opportunities such as jobs, internships and company tours at some of the most elite organizations in the world. Our fraternity not only focuses on cultivating these connections, but seeks to pave new paths. Over the course of my time in Delta Sigma Pi, I have built my resume, strengthened my LinkedIn profile, and enhanced my communication skills.

I encourage you to begin the process of joining a fraternity that has your best interest in mind. The time you invest into this organization will bring great rewards as you gain lifelong membership and brotherhood.


Drew Nelson

President | Rho Upsilon Chapter of Delta Sigma Pi

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